About Us

Building High Quality Homes in Uk

Our Vision

St Mark was established in 1999. In the early years the company undertook EIS qualifying secured contracting trades; the group continues to retain a construction capacity.

In 2006 the business expanded its range of operations into mainstream house building and property development.

In 2016 we completed the acquisition of St Mark Contracts PLC and raised fresh capital via an open share offer.

You can watch our CEO Barry Tansey discuss future plans for the company in the video to the right.

St Mark undertakes development both in its own right and in joint venture partnership with other established developers.


Studios, one -two and -three bedroom flats; detached, multi-family houses, large estates. We have a housing solution that is right for everyone.


St Mark Homes Plc has a select portfolio of prime commercial locations scattered across London serving clients from retail to finance.