The Environment

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1. Luxury & Nature

We take the environment seriously. Through careful site development and design we create homes that are not only beautiful but energy-efficient, require less maintenance and stand the test of time through the use of both traditional and innovative building materials.

Compliance with all the necessary Building and Planning Regulations, current Legislation and evolving industry standards is paramount. We use recycled and sustainable materials where possible and seek to provide energy-efficient and renewable technology solutions through Heat Recovery, Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Energy Harvesting and Biomass.

2. Sustainability

We use high performance windows and insulation systems to help reduce our customer’s heating costs and with the ensuing reduction in emissions, we help to reduce the impact of our buildings on global warming and climate change.

Engagement with the local community is de rigueur at the early stages of negotiated planning consents and again during the construction of our schemes being ever mindful that property development and construction are not a ‘kid glove’ operation per se.